To the leaders of the world

The measures that can be taken to overcome the Corona virus .. workers are fighting a fierce battle against the new Corona virus and a relationship has been observed between the state's ability to contain the virus and its arrangement between countries in terms of the presence of its health system ... I hope from world leaders to exploit This crisis as an opportunity to create models for countries to coexist with one another and not waste their energy in fighting each other and to make their systems more resilient in the face of the virus. Let me, world leaders, clarify some ideas that I hope to take first: Focus on the framework of thinking in how to understand shocks and how we can Countries, the World Bank’s Fund, and other organizations provide effective and coordinated support to those affected by this crisis .. Second: In a spirit of cooperation we address this epidemic, which is a global problem Third: Pumping money into building hospitals and providing respirators to all those in need without exception instead of investing them in wars and confrontations In short, it is a rapidly developing situation that requires a high degree of coordination and speed, and we intend to achieve this.

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