The similarities and differences between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes.


Differences between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes.

Cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes happen yearly around the globe , however , are they truly seperate phenomena, or just different designations for a single entity?

  • Cyclones happen within the South and North-west Indian Ocean, the Arafura, Timor, and Coral Seas, and the South-west Pacific Ocean.
  • Typhoons happen within the North-west Pacific.
  • Hurricanes happen in the Atlantic Ocean and North-east Pacific.

Similarities between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes:

  • Rotate around low-atmospheric pressure center.
  • Strong winds.
  • Affected by the Corolis effect (Spins clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa in the Northern Hemisphere).
  • Spiral arrangement of thunderstorms.
  • Primary source of energy is from warm oceanic water.
  • Are more profolic in late summer.
  • Are more profolic near the Equator and are almost unknown in the South Atlantic.
  • Bring destruction and mayhem : floods, high winds, heavy rain, large waves...

In short , cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes are identical in all but desigination.



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