The problem we all face


Because of the Corona pandemic we are facing nowadays , the world's economic begins to breakdown.

Countries in any way can't continue this situation even if the Corona pandemic continues , and as we know collapsing of the economic situation in any country means that this country is falling , and thus the world start being fade .

The quarantine period and the procedures aimed to familiarize the everyone the means of protection to preserve himself and his family as well as his community .

The world now is moving towards a gradual easing of quarantine measures in order to restore the situation to what it was before the Corona pandemic so that the responsibility has shifted here from the state to the people to preserve themselves , their families and their community for sure ; by increasing their awareness and taking safety measures to properly coexist with the current situation ... This leads to prosperity of the economy, education and various areas of life and thus returns the world back to normal in coexistence with this epidemic.

We ask Allah for the safety of all and the prosperity and prosperity of our homelands.

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  • global-conversation.png jolly_chocolate | Sacred Heart School | Ghana
    28 May 2020

    According to your post, we all face problems. We can’t go to school 🏫 because of the virus , it’s a problem we student 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓 are facing. Isn’t it true yes we all face problems.

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  • global-conversation.png genuine_tornado | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 May 2020

    Good post !!
    We can invest this opportunity (easing quarantine measures and gradually returning to normal) in combating extreme weather and climate change.
    We have all seen, during our stay at home, the slow prosperity that has happened to the environment, so the animals marched through our streets, and there are animals on the verge of extinction, but pollution reduction prevented them from extinction.
    And there were many animals such as flamingos in Mumbai, India, and we saw that the waters of the Italian city of Venice were polluted, but because of our stay in our homes
    Reducing polluted human activities, the water becomes more pure.
    Therefore, we should take advantage of this opportunity to phase out fossil fuels and the direction of renewable energy because fossil fuels are the primary cause of greenhouse gas emissions that are climate change friendly, in addition to planting more trees and plants.

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