The Negative Impacts Of Climate Change On The Earth And Mother Nature.

The image above shows how climate change has affected the earth, today, I will be talking about how climate change affects Mother Nature.


Heat and drought have a negative impact on the soil organisms protecting plants from any disease. This increases the plants' susceptibility to soil- borne pathogens. As an international team of researchers has shown, the fungus causes almost total crop failure in peas after a hot and dry stress event. Short- term soil recovery seems to be possible only in exceptional cases.


In Mozambique, scientists have noticed a change in the distribution of venomous snakes because some areas are no longer suitable for the human population. As a result, the snakebite risk has increased in central and southern regions of the country. Many species of birds depend on environmental cues such as temperature and season changes, and these these cues have been changing and becoming disruptive, sending the birds confusing the cues. In addition, in the last two decades or so, birds have been laying eggs earlier than usual. Animals having a shorter periods of hibernation. Sea turtles are losing their nesting areas because the sea level has risen approximately 50 centimeters.


Warming temperatures associated with climate change will not only have an effect on crop species; increasing temperature also affects weeds, insect pests, and crop diseases. Weeds already cause about 34% of crops losses with insects causing 18% and diseases 16%. Climate change has the potential to increase the large negative impact that weeds, insects, and diseases already have on our agricultural production system.


The impacts of climate change in warming temperatures, changes in precipitation, increase in the frequency or intensity of some extreme weather events, and rising sea levels. The impacts threaten our health by affecting the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the weather experience. The severity of these health risks will depend on the ability on public health and safety systems to address or prepare for these changing threats, as well as factors such as a individual's behavior, age, gender, and economic status. Impacts will vary based on where a person lives, how sensitive they are to health threats, how much they are exposed to climate change impacts, and how well they and their community are able to adapt to change.

These are some effects on how climate change has affected the earth and Mother Nature 🌬.

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