The importance of family ties in extreme weather

There is no doubt that family ties are important all the time. A person needs his or her family in the times of happiness and sadness. I think in cases of extreme weather, it is a time of strengthening the family ties.

First of all, when taking precausions, families work together to give advice and help building shelters or appropriate conditions to face any possible extreme weather cases.

The second point is that when there is a weather forecast foreseeing an extreme weather case coming soon, family ties are important as they help each other bring the important vital equipment and groceries to the house, or even in evacuating the houses to flee the extreme weather cases.

A third point is that during extreme weather conditions, family members soothe and calm each other. They are there for one another, and it creates a sense of comfort and safety among them.

To sum up, I believe that every thing in life has possitive as well as negative sides. If we look at the full half of the cup, we realise that extreme weather might bring families close together. It can strenthen the family ties more than ever.

Now, if you are in a country that faces extreme weather cases at any time of the year, can you give me more examples to suppost my theory.

Thank you

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