The impact of extreme weather and healthcare conditions on the economy of the world

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The world is plagued today by extreme weather conditions all over the world. This is as a result of the carelessness of human activities which usually end up either accumulating to cause such weather conditions or giving out bad responses at that time. Such problems have deadly repacautions to our existence which could be both environmentaly or economicaly.

Owing to the worlds current health position at this point in time the economy has been proven to surely detoriorate after the experience of this pandemic globally therefore meaning that the whole world is at the brink of going into ecession at this point in time. this means that countries economies would be stranded and therefore lack of money circulation in the world.

Refering such a situation to extreme weather conditions would be a similar outcome because of the money spent on releif funds in these areas affected by thoses extreme weather conditions in such areas affected by these extreme weather conditions all over the world. Take for example the case of the floods in Haiti in the year 2016. This country who 80% of their citizens live in poverty was grossly affected by that flood which affected their economy as of that time. The country which is said to be one of the poorest countries in the the world and this sort of issue affecting them caused them to loose alot of money as regards to its economy.

The world would suffer from an extreme economic plague after this pandemic subsides and this is also the same situation with any extreme weather condition therefore countries should be attentive to weather forecasts and also pay close attention to the signs around them in order to be fully prepared for such occurences.

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