The impact of COVID 19 on tourism.

Who would have guessed that in a brief period of time, the world will face a crisis as severe as or as worse than the flu pandemic of 1918. Purpotedly spreading from a farmer's market in Wuhan, the local cluster of victims spread the COVID 19 virus beyond the city to the region, to the country and beyond the borders of China. The insidious virus has cast a pall of fear, gloom and death throughout the world, catching countries and regions without strategies to deal with the pandemic, and throwing international and local governments into makeshift strategies, responding without national or international coordination at differing rates of speed to spread of the virus. At the macro level, the impact of economies and livelihoods has vaulted from severe to catastrophic. Such development insurance claims increased by over 6 million in consecutive weeks. In countries with relatively large informed economies, government decrees exacerbate the crisis by dictating social distancing, self isolation, the closure of borders, closure of all nonessential businesses etc. The impact of COVID 19 has been particularly catastrophic for the travel and tourism secto. The statistics on international air travel shows the industry coming to an abrupt halt. The cruise 🚢 industry has been untended with media sources characterizing ships as " ocean- going Petri dishes, " while showing trauma and human tragedy of the criu ships. And for many countries, travel and tourism play a large and critical role in their economy . With that brief background, we review travel and tourism as the basic quality, and from that , what strategies can be implemented to mit the economic and employment impact of drastically reduced international travel, a reduction of uncertain severity and duration.

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