The Global Conversation: A Speech

Extreme weather is the change in the average temperature of the Earth. Actually, it starts with a process. First, when the atmosphere is polluted with smoke and other(greenhouse) gases, it deplet the ozone layer, causing global warming, bringing ultraviolet rays to the Earth. These ultraviolet rays can change the Earth’s temperature, causing extreme weather. Scientists have revealed the cause of extreme interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere. They call it the El Niño/Southern Oscillation(ENSO). It is responsible for some extreme weather events in the Equatorial pacific region(eg. severe drought in Australia and the torrential rain in western South America in 1982-83) and also for those that periodically occur in the mid-latitude(eg. extreme temperatures in Western Europe in 1982-83). Some me of the events that extreme weather causes are tornadoes, hurricanes, heatwaves, drought, typhoons, cyclones etc.

Extreme weather has both negative and positive effects. Some of them are:


  • The end of humanity

Plants need sunlight to grow but too much of it can kill the plants. Since extreme weather increases the Earth’s temperature, plants die. Also, there is a saying that says,”When the last tree dies, the last man dies.” This is because since plants are our oxygen suppliers, when they die, we will have no oxygen suppliers and the gases that we will inhale will actually kill us. This is how I came to a conclusion that extreme weather can end humanity.

  • Desertification: Loss of land’s usefulness

When we realize that we don’t have enough furniture since our plants are dying because of extreme weather, more trees will be cut and desertification will occur in most of our countries. Because of this, people will start abandoning their land. One example is the Sahara Desert. It was a fertile land, full of trees but due to extreme weather, trees were cut and desertification occurred, making it a desert. We all don’t want to start abandoning our lands so we must find a solution very fast.

  • Loss of money

When an extreme weather event occurs, the government sometimes spend a lot of money when reacting to it. Because of this, they are found wanting when on pressure for solutions to problems. This mostly happens to developing countries. Since they are still developing, there is more for them to learn so mostly, they make mistakes and find themselves wanting.


  • Peaceful politics

As we already learnt, politicians can change from violent to peaceful due to extreme weather. Actually, they unite to solve the issue, which brings peace.

  • Unity

As I said in “Positive actions created by a negative source”, unity is the forming for a purpose. Extreme weather affects our unity positively in our neighborhood(locally), in our nation(nationally) and in the world as a whole(globally). It depends on how difficult or easy the problem is.

  • Co-operation

Our co-operation increases due to extreme weather. This is because if a country doesn’t have enough money to solve extreme weather problems. The country lends some money from another country to solve the problems.


Since we can’t make this continue, here are some ways of responding to extreme weather.

  • Manufacturing of cars that don’t use petroleum fuel

We must stop manufacturing petroleum fuel cars and start manufacturing cars that use solar energy, battery etc. Even already in Ghana, there is a man named Apostle Kantanka that manufacture electronic appliances including cars that use battery. He’s already helping us to respond to extreme weather. We must do this because when petroleum fuel cars come into contact with fire, they easily get burnt and usually, when things get burnt, carbon gases are emitted into atmosphere, increasing extreme weather. This is why it is very important to take this action.

  • Substitute plastic for paper

As quiet_bell said, plastic is really a problem. This is because when we burn plastic, it releases smoke full of carbon gases into the atmosphere which depicts the ozone layer, increasing extreme weather. When we bury plastic too, it doesn’t decompose quickly. This can cause harm to the soil. Because of this, plants get difficulties when growing and at the they die, increasing extreme weather. Unlike plastic, paper decomposes quickly and therefore, no gas is emitted into the atmosphere. Also, paper acts as organic fertilizer to plants when buried and increases plants growth. With this, we can come to a conclusion that we must substitute plastic for paper.

  • Reduce Deforestation and practice more Afforestation

From now onwards, we must reduce deforestation and if possible, stop it. The reason why I brought the word “ reduce” is because maybe, we will need to cut some the trees for furniture. Also, we must practice more afforestation so that the plants can absorb all the carbon gases in the atmosphere.

Some of the plants that my father has planted.

If everyone’s house looks like this:

A house that a garden at one side and the building on the other side (This is my home).

There is no way extreme weather will increase so let’s try our best to have a home full with trees.

  • Education

Also, there must be education on this the effects of charcoal burning and the frequent cutting of trees on the environment to the indigenous people.

I think If we are able to follow the precautions mentioned, we will be able to respond positively to extreme weather.

Thank you you for giving me the opportunity to be a student of this club and thanks for reading.


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