The final piece

Dear leaders,as a student from Ghana and a member of the noble Burnet News Club, I have learnt a lot about extreme weather.

Extreme weather is a meteorological event that falls outside the realm of normal pattern.

I would like to inform you all an event which happened in my country. On June 3 2015,we experienced a heavy downpour of rain in the capital city called Accra.This event led to a flood which later led to a spillage of fuel on the surface of the water at a fuel station.without knowing where the fire came from,there was a fire outbreak on the surface of the water killing people who were floating on the surface of the water trying to swim to a safer place.In all,154 lives were lost ,hundreds of people suffered severe burns and 5 houses including the fuel station were destroyed. properties destroyed were valued at over 428,000 dollars as reported by the National Disaster Management in the country. Its a huge some of money in our country.

I would like to talk about a key point here.the authorities in our communities should evacuate people from areas likely to experience extreme weather.The authorities has to educate the community on the dangers of extreme weather. Through this action,the people will know where to build and where not to build their homes.

One way of preventing extreme weather events is to invest in Green Energy Technology.Green Energy Technology means using the natural way such as the sun,moon,plants and other natural things to produce energy rather than the artificial way which releases a lot of harmful gases into the atmosphere after producing energy which is very bad for weather can lead to Heatwave.

Since extreme weather events are natural occurances,it will be very difficult to prevent it from happening but we can reduce it and minimize the kind of damages it causes.

Now to the various governments,they should invest massively in the Meteorological Agency in their country. Through this agency ,they will be able to tell WHEN such events of extreme weather will happen and tell the kind of safety measures we are to take ahead of any suspected event. Through the efficient work of this agency and the results submitted by them, the Government can plan well on events of extreme weather.In Ghana, a little is been done for this agency making their work very difficult but thank God we don't experience much as some countries do.

In my opinion, both preventative and reactive measures are all important.but looking at the economy of some countries like My own country Ghana, the government need to look at the reactive measures more.preventing extreme weather events can be very difficult I must we must focus more on the reactive measures after any event in other to save lives and properties in the shortest possible time.

In my view,The global responses to extreme weather events should be paramount to the local responses.Countries with a very good economy should not hesitate to help countries with a very poor economy like HAITI.they were helped globally when there was a record of such event.I urge all leaders having good economy to respond quickly to countries with very low economy whenever they call on them .through this,there will be cordial relationship between countries.

Dear Leaders, its my wish to see the world paying much attention to extreme weather in the near future. Through this action,the world will be more enlightened on the whole information about extreme weather events which is collapsing most countries economy.

I urge all of us to try our possible best to make the planet a safer place for us all..



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