The effect of the extreme weather.

From my point of view, extreme weather is nothing but an unprecedented weather phenomenon that causes severe and severe climate changes, For example droughts, floods and forest combustion. These are on of the few examples of this weather, It's a double edged sword that has advantages and disadvantages. As it affects the economy, migration and food security. As for it's advantages, in the Siberian region there is an impimprovement in food production and as a result of volcanoes, farms appear around the volcanoes region because they are fertile, but I would like to say that most of resulting from the weather. Arack is appear low in come community because it is unable to adapt or face this weather. For example we have in Palestine heavy rains occurred for the first time, we see it's difficulty and quantity led to cracking of roads and damage to infrastructure. Rescuers became walking in the streets on small boats to save people, So this is one of my experiences with bad weather, So what is the harm that you have suffered as a result of your experience to know and learn from each other.

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