The effect of extreme weather on health (heatwaves) ?!

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Research has shown that the average temperature will increase in the Middle East by an average of 1-2 ° C by 2050, and the frequency of heat waves in the region will rise, which seriously threatens health. The rise in summer temperatures contributes to the increase in diseases and deaths due to heart diseases and respiratory diseases. For example, more than 70,000 additional deaths were recorded during the heat wave that occurred in the summer of 2003 in Europe, as an analytical study in Kuwait showed an increase in cases of urinary retention in periods of hot weather in The period between 1998-2001, in addition to that, prolonged exposure to extreme heat is associated with fainting, sunstroke and convulsions.

The ozone layer responsible for absorbing harmful rays emitted from the sun, including ultraviolet rays, was affected by greenhouse gases that led to their thinning, which led to a decrease in their absorption of harmful rays, which means an increase in the concentration of ultraviolet rays and thus an increased risk due to sun exposure, including skin damage and burns Sun and double the risk of skin cancer. Does extreme weather affect health in your countries ??? and what is its effect on health?

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