The devastating natural " tsunami".

Planet Earth is subjected every time to a natural disaster on it, and huge material losses occur and hit the economy of countries, so it is thriving after it was prosperous and strong and we do not forget the lives of citizens that go in it and today to present to you one of the most terrible and most dangerous disasters

"The Tasmani", we will get to know him now:

The tsunami is a huge oceanic wave that contains a series of waves and a tremendous amount of water caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, etc., and coordinating the recorded wave when a vertical slide occurs at the sea floor in terms of the weakening of the horizontal surface of the sea floor, so the tidal wave arises on the surface of the sea. The tidal wave to the shores depends on the size of the ground slippage at the bottom of the sea.

What are the causes of tsunami?


Earthquakes are generated by movements along the cracks associated with plate boundaries. Most strong earthquakes occur in subduction areas where ocean plate slides slide beneath the continental plate or a smaller circumference plate.

Not all earthquakes cause a tsunami.


The landslide that occurs along the coast can force large amounts of water toward the sea, causing disruption to the water that produces the tsunami. Underwater landslides can also lead to tsunamis when floating materials from landslides move violently, pushing water ahead of them.

Volcanic eruption

Although relatively rare, violent volcanic eruptions also represent an acceleration of disturbances, which can replace large units of water and generate highly destructive tsunamis in the vicinity of the source.

On August 26, 1883, the largest and most destructive tsunami ever recorded was recorded after the explosion and collapse of the Krakatau volcano in Indonesia. Where this explosion generated waves of 135 feet in length, destroying coastal cities and villages along the Sunda Strait in both the islands of Java and Sumatra, killing 36,417 simple.

Extra-ground collisions

Tsunami waves of extraterrestrial collisions such as asteroids, and meteorites are very rare. Although a tsunami has not been recorded as a result of a meteorite or asteroid in recent history, scientists are aware that if these celestial bodies collide with the ocean, they will undoubtedly displace large amounts of water and cause the tsunami.

How is the tsunami monitored?

The exact tsunami cannot be prevented or predicted even if the earthquake indicators point to the place correctly. Geologists, oceanologists and seismologists specially analyze each earthquake and according to several factors can issue a tsunami warning. However, there are some warning signs of impending tsunamis Incidence, and other systems being developed and used to reduce tsunami damage. One of the most important and widely used tsunami monitoring systems are pressure sensors. They are attached and attached to floats. These sensors monitor the pressure of the water column continuously.

And do not forget the virtues of animals at these times in which they feel before a person senses, so a person knows through their flight

How is a tsunami prevented?

1- If you were on the beach, some of the water retreated to the back and bubbles appeared, run immediately to high places because this indicates the occurrence of the tsunami

2- If you did not realize that a tsunami occurred, and suddenly faced it, hold onto something strong and durable and do not let the waves pull you with it.

I would love the information to be useful in this area, because it is extremely important.

The question is: Name some of the countries that have been subjected to Tsumani?

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