Speech to world leaders

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Hellow my fellow people, I stand here today as a caring representative of our universe. As we all know we have been facing certain disasters and pandemics in our country and other countries too. So today we put our heads together and try to get a solid plan to deal with these pandemics. So as to say our world leaders need to come up with solutions for at least to make the world a better place. For starters, in countries like Australia where wild fires is mostly experienced, I think as leaders they should start making plans for planting more trees and maybe even have a greater number of fire brigade teams so as to cater for this problem. In order to find a solution for countries which are highly hit by floods, I think the government has to come up with strategic plan to set aside funds for building up terraces and artificial rivers and Wells at least to increase the water ways so as to avoid having flooded areas. Sometimes the government should be able to vacate people to safer places. Above all other disasters for now what has really hit the whole world is coronavirus, but our leaders and medical teams are busy burning up their midnight fuel so as to come up with a solution. Well to me I think as leaders they should work together in solidarity in order to get a cure to this disease. Despite of races and colour I think everyone has a lot to contribute in the fight against Corona. All in all as they always say two heads are better than one... Please world peace and love will really help us have a great and better world tomorrow. Thank you

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