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Hi ,, respected members of jury ,

It is a great honor that the opportunity to talk to you from my point of view about the extreme weather on all over the world, as an address, I have not seen any severe climate events in my city but I heard about the state level and the rest of the country ،،

I heard that in many cities a heavy rain led to floods as a result of the accumulation it in those areas, and the impact was very bad ,,that some of them were killed and lost their homes .

In my opinion, the best ways to quickly respond to these events are: -

1- Providing immediate health care for these urgent events.

2- Providing places to house the affected

3-Send firefighting and ambulance crews immediately to the affected areas.

4-Seek help from neighboring countries if the situation is out of control.

5-Support all affected parties.

Countries that are exposed to this weather should always be ready for these events,,

For example, plans that must exist in advance for these regions:-

1- Building temporary houses and materials that protect them from any damage during the accident, as I once saw that China built wooden houses in areas most vulnerable to earthquakes to deal with them well when the accident occurred

The idea of ​​this example is to be ready to take on any danger

2- Building barriers and dams against these floods

As these dams constitute the bulk of the protection measures

Also, the municipalities follow up on the infrastructure for the areas where floods occur as a result of the accumulation of rain in them, and not as a result of the flooding of the sea, and try to improve this structure and work out the necessary measures to prevent the accumulation of water in them, thus preserving the lives of people and minimizing as much damage as possible.

3- every country in the world directs the greatest investment of equipment, medical materials, materials, necessary equipment, storm systems, early warning and devices that warn in advance of such disasters, so that the state is always ready to face these disasters

4- The state’s attempt to alleviate the population in the areas most at risk and to secure safe houses for them in safe areas in order to preserve their lives

5-We are today at the time of the Coronavirus, and if we noticed a little since the quarantine began for all of the world in March, and we did not witness any of these types of weather, we also noticed that nature returned to breathe again, and as we heard in the news that the ozone hole came back to close again and the snow returned in The north and south poles are to freeze again, and the atmosphere has become free of carbon pollutants resulting from factories and human beings in the age of technology, which is the biggest factor in increasing the severity of the weather to the worst.

And the globe returned to its balance

This gives us an important lesson in continuing to preserve the environment and to be very careful in all our actions on this land and to take into account all aspects before starting any behavior.

We hope that a solution will be found to get rid of the emissions and harmful gases before they reach the atmosphere

When we always think about the consequences, our actions will be right and our world will be more beautiful

Together, a beautiful world full of peace and love

In conclusion of my speech ,,

I have a wonderful vision for the future where peace and love reign in the world

It is these two factors that make our land unique and our world wonderful

Also, without a doubt, our world will witness more development than that, and we will progress further, but before that we always think about the consequences of our actions that return to the ground and the environment.

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