Session 1 Extreme Weather The Global Conversation

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Session 1 Extreme weather

FLOOD A FLOOD B (two similarities and two differences)

A lot of water on roads and streets A lot of water on roads and street

An old man walking with stick.

Only few people. An old man walking with stick.

Here many people

It contain the Road Signs. It has not road signs.

Here no traffic or van. Here some vans are there.


The fire in the jungle. The fire in the jungle.

Thousands of trees burnt in fire. Thousands of trees burnt in fire.

Wildfire a show animal. Here no animal.

There is no rescue for fire. Here some expert to control the fire.


Human beigns here Here also a lot of people

Cold Water for drinking Cold water shower there.

Here no infrastructure properly. Well-planned and furnished city

Lack of facilities All facilities available here.


It contains people

Four person here. Here also some people.

Four person here.

Arrangement of water for washing

It contain trees Here also arrangement of washing water.

It also contain trees

Here some houses with bricks. No houses with bricks.

Here some bags keep on ground. Here no bags.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    22 Apr 2020

    Thank you for your ideas, but in future could you please add your reply as a 'comment' on the page where the tasks are set?

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  • global-conversation.png congenial_journalist | Donholm Primary School | Kenya
    22 Apr 2020

    On my side ,I think my government must put measures in place to educate the younger ones like us on how to take care of our environment.

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  • global-conversation.png content_engineer | Sacred Heart School | Ghana
    22 Apr 2020

    1.The main similarity to talk about is that,water is all over the two places which flood A and B happened.
    2.Another similarity is that,there is flood in the places but people can move.
    1.In flood A there are few people walking on the street as it severe in flood A whilst in flood B there many people on the street which shows that flood B wasn't much severe.
    2.In flood B it shows vans in areas which shows that companies are on work which do not show in flood A.

    1.All the places on fires were jungles with green vegetation.
    2.The fire burnt trees in both of the jungles which was on fire.
    1.In wildfire A,there were animal which would maybe die or habitats would be destroyed whilst in B there was no animal to be killed or affected.
    2.In wildfire A,there was no rescue, but was a rescue in B.

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