Response and preventative measures against extreme weather


There are different ways in which different governments, communities and individuals respond to extreme weather conditions. I will also define my key term which are “preventive” and “response” and I will differentiate response from reaction.

Preventive can be defined as “ways taken or measures to intended to stop something that causes difficulties and problems from happening”. Prevention can also mean precaution.

Response according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as “a reaction to something that has happened or be said”. So, it means that there must be something that happens before we respond to it. There is a difference between response and reaction and that is: “reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive while response is thought out, calm and non-threatening”.

From the definition above it means that there are certain precautions or preventive measures that can precede extreme weather before it happens, and there are steps that can be taken as well in respond to extreme weather when it happens. Among these steps, there are some of them that can be done immediately or for a long time before or after the any disaster.

Extreme weather has some effects on us and our environment. The 2012 flooding in Nigeria had the following effects:

  • damage of buildings;
  • destruction of properties;
  • health challenges;
  • reduction of the aesthetic beauty of the environment such as uncontrolled erosion;
  • increase in poverty level due to destruction of sources of livelihoods
  • death from drowning and collapsed building; and
  • displacement of many people and communities

Effects of extreme weather conditions in Nigeria.

For any response done to solve something, it is based on how much impact or effect it received or had. These are some ways in which we can prevent extreme weather as an individual, and these are:

I. Save money so you can respond to a future weather disaster.

II. Prevent throwing of refuse into gutters to block them.

III. Avoid cutting of much trees (deforestation), if you do plant new ones to replace them.

IV. Reduce burning of things such as firewood to reduce the amount of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon ii Oxide and other harmful gases in the air and environment.

V. Build houses based on the nature of your house with things that will make it warm and vice versa. etc.

As a community, the following measures can help alleviate extreme weather and its effects:

I. Ensure that everybody has a clean, well and good drainages with drainage outlets.

II. Build good defense at rivers bank.

III. Stop burning of bushes in your community.

IV. Ensure proper planning of houses, especially areas with high rate of extreme weather etc.

As the government these are somethings capable to do to prevent extreme weather effects, and these are:

I. Make laws concerning burning of bushes.

II. Organize workshop and cinemas to educate people on the effects, prevention and response to extreme weather. The social media and the newspapers can also be a medium to educate people.

III. Making sure that all roads are having good drainages.

IV. The establishment of agencies that will be in charge of the cutting down of trees and planting it back.

V. The government should have extreme weather preventive fee which will added to the tax collected from people, so that in the case of any emergency, the government will have sufficient money to help the affected people.

VI. They should establish a National Geographic Society that will be entailed with the responsibility of inform the government and the public early on bad weathers or extreme weather conditions and its location and what they are expected to do.

VII. They should look for ways to reduce carbon emission into the environment.

VIII. They can also try to see that all houses should have superior insulators, because insulators protect and shields the occupants from extreme temperatures

IX. Move people away from the areas that would likely be affected by any event with immediate effect.

X. Using green technology to reduce/make carbon low in the environment.

After an extreme weather condition, there are ways in which they government can respond to it, which includes:

I. Provide emergency health care to the injured.

II. Sending agency with the responsibilities of saving people during the disaster.

III. Send a leader to ensure that everything done there is carried out properly.

IV. Evacuate people from affected places.

V. Using the military or para-military to help in disasters.

VI. They should investigate the reasons for the disasters and try to see what they can do to prevent it from happening again.

VII. They should use funds gotten from people to help those affected by the disasters.

VIII. Support affected business.

IX. Provide shelters to those who have lost their houses due the disaster etc.


The Nigerian government took some of these preventive measures and response stated above, which proved to be effectful. So, government together with the cooperation of citizens can embark on the above-listed response and preventive measures to reduce the impact of extreme weather.

In dealing with the ongoing plague, COVID 19 pandemic, which is putting the world in a bad state, the following preventive measures can be implemented to reduce spread of infection:

I. Avoid crowded places.

II. Watch your hand or sanitize it.

III. Avoid shaking people.

IV. Isolate yourself if your sick and go to the hospital for testing.

V. Do not go to social gatherings.

VI. And stay at home.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    23 Apr 2020

    Thank you for such a detailed insight. It's interesting to hear about your experience. I wonder if a student from another country could compare their experience of extreme weather to yours and what the response has been. It would be fascinating to have a comparison.

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  • global-conversation.png persistent_lobster | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    23 Apr 2020

    A comparison between countries can shed light on individual country's experience and further educate us

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  • global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
    24 Apr 2020

    A comparison between countries it can make people learn more and also assist if such an experience occurs.This will be very educative and informative

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  • rachelwilliams.JPG EXPERT: Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
    25 Apr 2020

    This is an interesting read. You said that there are preventive measures that Governments can put in place as well as responses that Governments can take once an extreme weather event has taken place. What do you think the UK Government could do as preventive measures in case there is another severe flood as we saw at the start of this year?

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    1. global-conversation.png persistent_lobster | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
      Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance's comment 27 Apr 2020

      Firstly, according to my knowledge , UK is a well and good and developed country and one of the members of the World's Power. UK's flooding was as a result of storms which were the Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis which affected many countries especially The Republic of Ireland, Scotland and The United Kingdom abbreviated as UK.these were the twelfth and thirteenth storm recorded in UK. I think that the UK Government can do the following as a preventive measure to severe floods: Early announcement of the up coming flooding disaster. If possible, The UK Meteorological Office can announce the up coming disaster early for further preparation of the government and the citizens.
      Secondly, the government can build stronger river defense to prevent the overflowing of water and the embankment of the rivers, lakes etc should be increased in width and height, so that in case of storms,it will reduce the out pour of water.
      thirdly, the government should evacuate those leaving the areas that is likely to be affected. This is done to reduce the number of death rate after a flood or disaster. After the people in those areas are evacuated, then the government can build dams and put in place flood breakers (these things reduces the force of the flood like de-silting of trenches and under-ground channels and the use of sandbags etc).
      Lastly, the government can add a fee which would be included when paying tax but it will be different from tax.this would be used to help people that have evacuated from affected areas and help in the repairs of the affected places.
      These preventive measures too prevent storms, like the next storm said to happen in UK are Storm Ellen and Francis

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    2. global-conversation.png invigorated_chicken | Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girl's School, Elelenwo | Nigeria
      Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance's comment 14 May 2020

      They should make a law against littering because that is the most important thing.if they is a flood it may not last long if the drainage path is not blocked.Modify homes and businesses to help them withstand floods. ...
      Construct buildings above flood levels. ...
      Tackle climate change. ...
      Increase spending on flood defences. ...
      Protect wetlands and introduce plant trees strategically. ...
      Restore rivers to their natural courses. ...
      Introduce water storage areas.

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  • global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
    01 May 2020

    My country has taken measures to prevent flooding people who live in flooded areas have migrated and moved in a safer environment
    Incase of floods we should be altered on it inorder to look for other alternative to save people from dying.
    If we take measures we will be saving our families and the nation.

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  • global-conversation.png quickwitted_piano | Good Shepherd Minor Secondary School | Kenya
    11 May 2020

    We can respond to extreme weather by the gorvement finding a way to research on the time it occurs so as to avoid problems to the people.

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  • global-conversation.png precious_blackberry | Kitengela Academy | Kenya
    11 May 2020

    I agree with all these comments but we as people we should prepare ourselves for situations like these for example we should avoid living near the water ways like alongside the rivers and maybe planting more trees

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