Responding to extreme weather

I think borrowing money fromm another country is hard to decide about. Although funds are borrowed to support less income country like ghana in extreme crises but is easy borrowing from another country,it comes with a high interest rate and regulations which sometimes affect the people in the country.

i beleive that two is better of than one . It would be the best if all countries come together to help or support each other in their various needs because some countries will experience extreme event more than others , in such cases if we are together it will be easier to overcome the situation than solving it by one country. You may never know when you will also need someones help, so let all countries work together.

things to consider in reducing climate change is to;

  • selecting leaders (experience people) to educate people on the effect and implication that climate change can bring to people,nation,and world as a hole. Using the media at our disposal will help
  • low carbon emission,which is as result of the greenhouse gases which pollute our air . example is our vehicle. Going forward we can join public buses ,service our vehicles from time to time and also walk to short distance with taking car.
  • In the future the government can build a recycle center where waste can recycle at a less expense and bring income to the country than extreme events like the flooding, air pollutions and so many more.
  • I strongly think that the leader who coordinate the response should be blame. if the response are adequate it would have yield to a proper response. i will suggest we take responses from people who is experieced, trained and also people with the knowledge about extreme cases.

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