Responding to extreme weather events

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Mr. chairman,dignitaries from various countries,invited guests,ladies and gentlemen,I feel delighted to be chosen to address weather events,it's impact and the best ways to respond to extreme weather events.

Mr. Chairman,extreme weather weather events which arises mainly charges climatic conditions. These events outside the normal range of weather conditions. Examples include: hurricane, wildfire,floods etc.

Mr. chairman, extreme weather events have impacted negatively on people's health, businesses and the world. The human and health impacts climate change are becoming increasingly hard ignore. Extreme weather events are disrupting more and more lives and businesses while exacerbating chronic health conditions like asthma,expanding range of infections diseases worsening mental illness. In 2018 the intergovernmental climate change estimated that to avoid catastrophic changes our climate.

The impacts extreme weather events cannot seen as such there is the need for measures to be taken to reduce the impacts. Some of the effective measures which are needed are to practice more afforestation,reduce the release of gases into the atmosphere and also build more flood defences.

We can reduce the impacts of extreme weather events by planting of more trees. Trees serves as wind break which means that trees could absorb wind from rains,hurricanes,flood and so on.

Also trees provide oxygen and this helps global warming.

Distinguish guests, we can also reduce extreme weather events by reducing the releasing of gases into atmosphere which destroys ozone layer. In addition,reduce extreme weather event such as floods by constructing bigger drains. In Africa, most floods experience result of small open drains. This is easy for the water to overflow when it rains. Therefore the is the need construct bigger and closed drains to avoid flooding. Also, in Ghana here precisely people throw rubbish into gutters and drains. This choke the gutters leading to flood when it rains. People who do that should be send to prison or fined to set an example to others.

Panel of judges, various governments across the world have a role to play in controlling extreme weather events. The governments across the globe should ensure that measures are put in place to punish those who engage in deforestation.

In order for various governments to help in extreme weather situations by giving aid and grants to another country which has been affected by extreme weather. The government can further help in extreme weather events by building more health facilities. Extreme weather events brings alot injuries with the help of the health facilities it can reduce the impact on death.

Extreme weather is unpredictable. Therefore extreme weather events normally occur within a particular location. Countries by giving them loans etc.

The future generations are our future leaders so we have to protect our environment so that they don't suffer in the future. We should adopt the behaviour of afforestation,recycling etc. These measures should be put in place so that we can save the lives of our future generations.

Thank you. 😁😁

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    26 May 2020

    This is an assertive speech that would definitely get the attention of people who can make a change. Well dione.

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