Renewable Resources Revolution

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The Link Between Pollution And Extreme Weather

Many of you might have questioned what does the topic Renewable Resources Revolution have to do with Extreme Weather.

A main cause for extreme weather is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. As cars, factories and machines keep using non-renewable resources such as oil and gas, they release a gas called carbon dioxide. This is a greenhouse gas that traps heat emitted from the Earth and stops it from escaping out of the Earth.

As you may have heard over the news, many scientists are trying to avoid using non-renewable resources and use renewable resources such as solar power. Also car manufacturers have developed electric cars which produce less pollution. You might have also seen wind turbines or solar panels which produce electricity without causing pollution. Less pollution means that there is less carbon dioxide released in the air resulting in a decline in the increase of the temperature of the atmosphere reducing the amount of extreme weather.

Some advantages of using renewable resources are:

  • Less pollution
  • It won't run out
  • Maintainance cost is cheaper
  • It is cheaper to use in the long term
  • It reduces the reliance on foreign energy sources.
  • Has many health benifits

As with advantages there are disadvantages. Some disadvantages of using renewable resources are:

  • Geographical Limitation
  • Does not produce a lot of energy
  • They are not available 24 hours
  • Low efficiency levels
  • Higher upfront cost

Non-renewable resources have disadvantages along with disadvantage. The advantages of non-renewable resources are:

  • produce large amounts of energy
  • Huge profits are gained from selling non-renewable resources
  • Non-renewable energy can be used and found anywhere.
  • They are very easily stored
  • They are easily transported
  • It is more compatible

ThThe disadvantages of non-renewable resources are:

  • They are very time consuming to produce
  • They produce carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas
  • They are not renewable which means they will run out
  • They are responsible for acid rain
  • Products produced using non-renewable resources are not biodegradable

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable resources, are you for or against avoiding to use non-renewable resources? Or do you think that we should carry on using non-renewable resources? Or maybe you think that in some industrial places we should use renewable resources and some places we shouldn't.?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School diplomatic_morning | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    23 Apr 2020

    That is a really good piece of work and I think we should use renewable resources

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    1. mollymargiotta.jpg EXPERT: Molly Margiotta, Capital Markets Trainee @ Clifford Chance
      diplomatic_morning's comment 23 Apr 2020

      I agree this is a really good contribution and it that has been very clearly set out, thank you intelligent_power! diplomatic_morning you say you think we should use renewable resources, can you expand on your reason and explain why you think so?

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  • global-conversation.png amazing_deer | Rev Father Lemmens Basic School | Ghana
    24 Apr 2020

    A tax on carbon emissions or subside for clean energy revolution. That revolution result from deduction in the cost of manufacturing that will soon make it more cost.

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  • global-conversation.png inspiring_grape | Sacred Heart School | Ghana
    26 Apr 2020

    I thank you for bringing this topic on extreme weather event about renewable resources revolution and non-renewable resources revolution.I agree that renewable resources revolution is the best for everyone to use,because it is God who did this for our good. Sun is a renewable resource we can get solar panels,solar lamps etc.from the sun.For example,charcoal is a non-renewable source of energy because,if you use charcoal and all the pieces are burnt, will you get another pieces of charcoal,NO,but if you wash your clothes and you dry them on the dryland with the help of the sun light we get from the sun the sun light will keep on shining and some times it will reduce and it will increase the sun shine or sun

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  • global-conversation.png inspiring_grape | Sacred Heart School | Ghana
    26 Apr 2020

    light.I thank the author who came up with this topic on extreme weather event.

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  • global-conversation.png invigorated_chicken | Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girl's School, Elelenwo | Nigeria
    13 May 2020

    The important link between climate and air quality is that primary products of combustion processes (i.e. carbon monoxide, non-methane VOCs, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, black carbon and organic carbon aerosols) and some secondary pollutants (i.e. ozone) have the potential to increase global warming directly or indirectly [18].

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