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If we take a good look at the present and past Extreme weather events, we would notice that an extreme weather disaster/event would have happened before the present when took place.

This is to say that a weather disaster laid the foundation for another extreme weather event to have occured.

I would like to use the case of wild fire as a case study. Flooding is an event that takes place when there is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry. It destroys lives and properties that is in its way. Flood only takes place on areas with;

  • Poor drainage system;
  • Lack of vegetation;
  • High terrain fields, etc.

Out of these three, I'll be laying more emphasy on lack of vegetation and this is where wild fire comes in place. Its not that people just don't don't have vegetation covers in their surroundings or neighbourhood, but rather its cases such as wild fire that allows such t persist. During events such as wildfires alot of trees, plants and vegetations are destroyed, when this happens, the wild fire opens the front door for flooding to come in. The presence of vegetation cover plays a vital role in preventing flooding in areas. So when the vegetations are destroyed to soil is wide and open for flooding to ocuur without having anything to hinder its movement. But with the presence of vegetation cover, when a heavy storm hits a specific residence, the trees helps to reduce the impact with which the rain drops have in contact with the soil, therefore hindering flooding from taking place.

Apart from the fact that lack of vegetation aids flood, even the presence of air pollution aids flooding.

Still using wildfire as a case study. When these plants and vegetations are being burnt, smoke is being emitted from the burnt wood and escapes into the atmosphere (clouds) which is a form of air pollution. This leads to the formation of cloud condensation which leads to the production of more clouds and the increase in likelihood of rain. When these heated particles are released into the atmosphere it increases the temperature there which tends to increase evaporation which leads to precipitation.

With the facts above, it is clear that there is a relationship that exists amongst extreme weather events which makes one to exist. And also for one to occur another has to be in place and to solve it, one has to begin with the greater one.

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