Reflection On Extreme Weather

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The weather is cloudy today.The most extreme weather I have ever experienced was the typhoon Mangkhut.It was a category 10 typhoon. The wind was howling all day and no one dared to venture out of their homes and the wind blew a bunch of things onto the street-from newspapers and trash cans to pillowcases and underwear.

For the pictures of the floods,the similarity is that both floods affect people,and the differences between the photos is in flood A, the water is only up to the man’s ankle while in flood B,it is up to the people’s knees.People will be affected by these events. It may be harder to go to work or go to school because of the flood.

For the pictures of the wildfires,the similarity is that they both happened in November 2019,and the difference is that wildfire A is quite mild while wildfire B is severe enough that it needs firefighter’s help.Wildfire A mostly affected animals by burning down their homes,while wildfire B was closer to the city and there was a chance the wildfire would spread to the city.

For the pictures of the heatwaves,the similarity is that both people are using their own methods to cool down,and the difference is that the place that is affected by heatwave A is rather poor,and the place that is affected by heatwave B is more wealthy.People are both affected,because they will feel very hot and the heatwave may cause heatstroke.

For the pictures of the hurricanes,the similarity is that in both pictures houses are in danger, and the difference is that one picture shows that the house had been prepared for the hurricane, while the other shows that the house had not been prepared. People are both affected because they may lose their homes.

Hurricane:storms with high winds and heavy rain that start as tropical storms that form over warm ocean waters

Heatwave:a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather

Drought:an act of nature that occurs when an area doesn’t receive enough rainfall, drying up rivers and lakes,killing trees and ruining crops

Wildfire:a large,destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush

Flood:an act of nature that occurs when too much rain forces streams,rivers,and lakes to overflow

Response:a reaction to something

Extreme:exceeding the ordinary,usual,or expected

The Morning Herald portrayed the heatwave as a fun and relaxed chance to lie in the sun,The Morning News portrayed the heat wave as an exciting chance to bask on a beach,and the News.etc portrayed a brass band member fainting from the extreme heat. Photo 1 is of tourists basking in the sun, photo 2 is of a very crowded beach,and photo 3 is of a brass band member fainting because of the extreme heat.

A climate-change activist would not like the way the newspaper is representing this weather event.

Newspapers should report truthfully so that the people know how severe the weather is.

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