Reducing Greenhouse Gases into the The Atmosphere

Greenhouse gases have contributed to a lot to global warming. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and so on have impacted negatively on the world's atmosphere causing extreme weather events such as heat wave and drought. It is therefore important for countries to consider or think of how to reduce greenhouse gases emissions to mitigate some of these extreme weather events. Some of the ways by which we can reduce greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are recycling, driving less and planting of trees.

We must not be burning waste substances which can be recycled. Burning of these waste substances releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which will cause global warming. We must recycle such products such as plastics to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Also, we must drive less to reduce the carbon emissions from car exhaust pipes into the atmosphere. We must make use of public transports. If we all have cars and decide to drive them to our work places etc., we will significantly increase carbon emission into the atmosphere. We should therefore make use of public transport since this will reduce carbon emissions.

Furthermore, we should plant more trees. Trees provide oxygen which is needed for human survival. There is a saying that 'if the last tree dies, the last man also die'. This means that trees are very important to the survival of mankind. We should therefore grow more trees to provide oxygen which will reduce greenhouse gases.

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