Reasons to try and stop climate change

Reason one : Wildfires

On June 2019 huge bushfires raged upon Australia and is still ongoing and so far has killed around 34 people and destroyed about 700 homes. They fear that 25,000 koalas have died and these huge wildfires have scorched more then 15 milion acres.This is because of climate change causing it to get really hot which is then causing the trees to set alight.

Reason 2 : Flooding

Flooding is a problem in many places because of the damage it causes. So far in the U.S.A around 30 people have died, just in 2020!!!! Some countries have been flooded so much that they have been evacuated! Flooding is happening more now because climate change is melting the ice caps which is causing the sea level to rise and it to flood more.

Reason 3 : Ice Caps Melting

Because climate change is heating up our world it is slowly erasing the ice caps and destroying the polar bears and seals home. The ice caps are disappering faster than ever due to climate change and that means sea levels are rising faster than ever!!

Reason 4 : Extreme Weather

Scientific studys have proven that climate change has boosted extreme weather by quite a lot causing more tornadoes and hurricanes which is causing hundreds more people to die. Which will mean lots more land will be lost, so this means lots of people will lose their money and homes.

Reason 5 : Drought

Climate change has heated up some places so much they basically suck the life out of them and this is causing crops to wither and die leaving people with no food! The droughts drain out all the water which means humans, animals and plants are becoming more malnourished and dehydrated.

I am giving a special thanks to David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg for trying to make everyone aware of climate change.

Thanks for reading.

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