Positive actions created by a negative source

Right now, we've been studying the topic "extreme weather". We've always explained this topic negatively as a whole world but have we ever seen it in a positive way? As intelligent_power said,"There are some advantages of extreme weather. Extreme weather can affect us positively on the following.

  • A political basis

Some time ago, we studied the topic "politicians and power". Politics can be peaceful or violent. Violent politics can become peaceful due to extreme weather. I am saying this because when an extreme weather event happens, politicians put their heads together to find a solution. So because of this, they learn lessons and gets ready for the next step. By this, they unite, which means there is no fight between them. This is how violent politics can become peaceful.

  • It can affect our unity positively

Unity is the forming or coming together for a common purpose. Extreme weather can affect our unity in different ways.

1. Locally

When an extreme weather event happens, the neighbours of the affected area unites to help save their possessions. This shows that extreme weather can affect our unity positively on a local basis.

2. Nationally

When an extreme weather event happens in an area of a nation, the nation unites as a whole to fight. Let me give a senario. After the June 3,2016 flood in Ghana, the nation united to help the affected areas in Accra.

3. Globally

When an extreme weather event happens in most of the countries in the world, we all unite, creating international organizations to overcome it. Now, the world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Already, the world is continually uniting to fight this pandemic. Surely, we will overcome this too.

  • It can affect our co-operation positively

Extreme weather can push our co-operation further. As I said, we have been affected by COVID-19. Because of this, there has been more co-operation between countries. People are trying to find a vaccine so definitely, they will need components and if they don't have some of these components, they will go whereabout, asking for them and if possible, ask for them in other countries even though most of the airports in some the countrieshave been closed. Actually, they will ask permission from the president of the country they are trying to go to. This is what we call co-operation.

Do you agree with me or not? Share your thoughts.

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