Nature shows balance in all things even in extreme weather .

nature disasters are the ultimate catastrophic resulte if it hits vital regions either populated with wildlife and plants or humans but they can also be of some dgree of benefit . how so you think ?

destruction brought about by nature disasters can cause governments and people to take more serious safety precautions as well as establish emergency routines to save lives and limit damages which makes everyone more prepared for any unpleasant surprise as well as teach the future generations of the horrible effects of theses disasters it theyre not prepared and as such the routine of preparing for those disasters and spreading awareness within the populations continues on and on down the years .

extreme weather can also be of use to areas affected with desertification and generally dry and weak lands as floods , tsunamis and hurricanes can move huge amounts of water to these lands , restoring life to them and enriching them with many minerals that help plants and animals thrive in the regions which in turn can be of benefit to any local populations .

yet another benefit would be the media attention for when extreme weather strikes poor and neglected areas as the destruction and disaster caused by the weather can cause abondoned and neglected areas and villages to finally come under the scope of attention which would urge officials as well as people to work on improving life conditions there for the people after such disaster a result that could not have been possible without extreme weather to draw people,s attention to those poor place in short , nature is not evil and some changes and conditions that see as disasters can actually help us all on the long run for life and nature shows balance in all things even in extreme weather .

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    15 May 2020

    You make some interesting points here. I'm not if tsunamis and hurricanes tend to affect places that were dry and needed water, but there can be some positives to come from extreme weather, although we must always remember it does also bring tragedy. You might be interested in the response of one of our experts, Gillian Burke, on if she has seen positive outcomes of extreme weather here:

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  • global-conversation.png content_engineer | Sacred Heart School | Ghana
    17 May 2020

    Hurricanes as protective_lute said can drive waters to desert areas,but the amount of water the hurricane will send to this area may cause a disaster.

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