VIDEO: My Words To World Leaders

Author: thoughtful_lemon

Extreme weather is a natural disaster. My community has experienced Typhoons. When typhoons hit my city, fewer people go out to eat and shop. Businesses are affected and they lose money.

Communities should have measures for combating extreme weather. The best response would be to provide emergency health care to the injured. Citizens also need to pay attention to weather reports every day. So that you can prevent the damages done by the extreme weather before it comes. When extreme weather comes, you do anything you can to minimise damages and casualties, but the extreme weather is stronger than your measures. The government should evacuate people from the affected area to safe areas to ensure that they are safe and therefore reduce the casualties.

The governments should prevent extreme weather than react because if you prevent, you can lower the casualties. If you react to extreme weather, damages have already been done and there would have been casualties already. Global responses would be better than local responses so that people in the whole world will know what is happening in the affected areas.

In the future, I would like to have a machine that will protect all people from deaths. Scientists can start inventing the machine from now, so that in the future, no one will be die or be hurt by extreme weather.The machine will make a glass protector upon your community, and the extreme weather will just happen upon the glass protector.

Author: thoughtful_lemon

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