Ladies and gentlemen of world leaders, a warm greeting, and after:

I address my message to world leaders about extreme weather.

Extreme weather is often devastating, and its end is often tragic, and for this reason we must consider the issue. We are in this world one homeland and this homeland is like the body If a member complains of pain, whatever it is (small or large) then the entire body will suffer and complain of pain and we must be like that when any country is subjected to severe weather then everyone must help and stand beside it and I think we should take The issue is serious, and we must deal with the disaster radically, and it is better to take the necessary precautions before the crisis occurs, as they say: "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment." Large and developed countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain have presented huge numbers of injuries and deaths, all as a result of their tolerance of the disease. For this reason, according to my view of the topic, we must take everything that takes into account seriously and we must know the reasons that lead to the occurrence of severe weather and work to solve it as soon as .. We the world live in a small village so everything that affects other countries we must deal with it seriously and as if It happens to us .... Last but not least, I ask world leaders to take seriously the issue and unite to solve this problem, for there is unity of strength, separation is weakness ...


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