My speech to world leaders:

I think that many countries are facing extreme weather phenomena,which are characterized by sudden weather changes that are not seasonal.We in Gaza have no extreme weather .We have it because it is a coastal region and a moderate atmosphere.Soem comments I saw some students linked the corona virus to extreme weather, it is true that similarities,but the corona virus has nothing to do with extreme weather.

But the corona virus has positives such as it has redaced environmental pollution and a small ozane layer.

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  • Hammond School logo admirable_cheetah | Hammond Junior School E
    28 May 2020

    That is amazing you could make it better if there is a bit more of persuasive and information ℹ️ and a bit more of why you think 💭 and a word to the leaders 😉😌!

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  • global-conversation.png genuine_tornado | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 May 2020

    Would you please tell us where did you get the information that the corona virus has nothing to do with extreme weather (which is caused by climate change) ??
    Your words are not correct at this point.
    Corona virus is associated with extreme weather and climate change.
    It has a positive impact on the environment and a slight decrease in climate change (which causes global warming and extreme weather).
    These are some of the points that illustrate the corona virus's relationship to climate change and extreme weather.
    What is the effect of the Corona virus on climate (environment)?
    Everything has pros and cons, and the Corona virus has a negative and positive effect on the climate, although the effect of the virus on the climate is very small and may be transient:
    The virus is affected negatively by:
    1- Increasing emissions from stoves in homes due to staying in homes.
    2- The epidemic pushed global warming to a low ranking in the priorities of many decision makers.
    3- It may prevent companies from investing in green energy.
    4- Because of the use of face masks designed for wearing once, a large number of them are dumped into the environment, which increases the global toys for plastic waste.
    But it also positively affects:
    1- It reduced carbon emissions by 25% in China and 6% in the world.
    2- Conserving at least 77,000 living creatures.
    3- Fog and smoke subsided in the sky of China.
    4- Reducing air pollution with nitrogen dioxide.
    5- The water channels have become pure, as in the case of Venice, which indicates the reduction of pollution.
    6- Reducing land and air traffic, and thus reducing air pollution.
    7 - Low economic activity due to the Corona virus helped reduce global warming and reduce air and sea pollution, which allowed the environment to prosper slowly.
    8- This may lead some individuals and some governments to consider implementing environmental policies.
    9- Protecting the circulation of chemicals and waste and promoting economic recovery plans that take into account nature and climate emergencies.
    The longer the crisis, the worse it is for the environment, according to Martin Grossgen, director of the Ochger Climate Research Center at the University of Bern.

    “In terms of climate, it would be better if Covid-19 did not happen,” Grossan said in an interview with the Watson News website: “We could have focused on implementing the Paris Agreement, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) - which was To be held in November in Scotland.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      genuine_tornado's comment 29 May 2020

      Lots of evidence brought in to back up your point, well done!

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