VIDEO: My Speech to World Leaders

My Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to give a speech to beg you all to reveal the truth to the world: If we don’t act fast to modify our lifestyle and if each country doesn’t cooperate to control the CO2 emissions, extinction of human beings will occur due to extreme weather.I know it seems very remote for all of you. We all need to stop being shortsighted and selfish! All of our descendents will have to face the consequences.

I know all countries are now concerned about how to revive their economy after COVID 19 pandemic. Besides thinking about the economic market, it’s also a good time to reflect on how powerful nature is. COVID 19 strikes nearly all countries of this world and causes so many life loss. Extreme weather can strike the world even harder. I personally experienced super Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong in 2018. It hit Hong Kong with typhoon signal No.10 remained in place for 10 hours. It caused serious flooding, while strong winds knocked down many trees , blocking many roads. More than 200 people were injured and 899 flights were delayed. Insurance claims amounted to HK $7.3 billion.This is the strongest typhoon that hit Hong Kong since 1983. I am lucky as this is the only extreme weather I have ever experienced, but I'm already overwhelmed by the power of nature. I know there were many places which were in deep trouble due to extreme weather, like Haiti hurricane 2016 and Australia wildfire 2019.

Most of the world leaders know how to react to these disasters. They try to act fast in coordinating evacuation plans so as to save lives. They try to be prompt in providing shelters and food and emergency health care to the injured. They are also providing financial subsidies to the victims to rebuild homes. However, prevention is better than cure. You all should alert the world that millions loss of lives or even extinction of human beings could be caused by extreme weather and we should all cooperate to lower carbon emissions in order to prevent extreme weather from happening. During COVID 19 pandemic, scientists found out that there were decrease of carbon emissions in some countries due to lockdown of cities and closing down of factories. It is obvious that modifying our lifestyle could help decreasing carbon emissions. Everyone should contribute in saving the earth for my generation and all future generations. Every country should set policies to promote environmental friendly lifestyle, such as work from home, use public transport, reuse and recycle biodegradable material, promote tree planting and preserve forests, etc. Countries should also enact laws to control factories emitting CO2, for example, they can set penalty for factories emitting large amount of CO2.

Globally, all countries should achieve the same target in unity, that is, to reduce greenhouse gases and prevent extreme weather. Countries should input resources on investigating new technology to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, local countries need to plan ahead for reducing life loss due to extreme weather, for example , considering relocating population away from low lying coast areas to prevent life loss during flooding. Also, ramping up multi-hazard early warning systems including use of weather satellites and development of meteorological services at national level can all alert the public in advance of weather related disasters.

During COVID 19 pandemic, all of us have already learnt that no one can escape from the impact of natural disasters. We should stop thinking just about money and economy. Now that we know carbon emission can be reduced after modifying our lifestyle, it is time to stop betraying our next generation and try our best to sustain the low carbon lifestyle.

I sincerely hope that our next generation can experience the same beautiful world as we all do. Thank You!


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