My Speech to World Leaders

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Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all may be aware of, extreme weather events are happening more and more often around the world. If we don’t act fast, the world might be in serious danger. As I live in Hong Kong, there are not many extreme weather events happening around here, the worst I experienced is Typhoon Mangkut. Typhoon Mangkut is the most intense typhoon Hong Kong has ever experienced since 1983. Serious flooding happened in seaside villages and harbours. Branches were everywhere so people had to climb over them to go to work. The glass windows of most skyscrapers were broken which is very dangerous. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but there were at least 200 people injured. It was a horrible scene. So today, I am going to suggest ways to combat extreme weather.

Extreme weather has affected many people globally. According to the information I collected, natural disasters have caused on average 60,000 deaths per year. Which is very devastating. Therefore, we should act fast before it is too late.

Planting trees is a very good way to prevent extreme weather. Why? First of all, trees can provide more oxygen, so that we can breathe fresh air. Secondly, trees can help us cool ourselves which is an advantage when it comes to hot days or even heatwaves and droughts. The trees can absorb the water in the soil then let it out through evaporation. Do you know the cooling effect of a single tree is equal to 10 air conditioners? That is pretty impressive.

I know that the government has a lot of things to handle. But they should also play a part when it comes to extreme weather. I suggest that the government should do their best to keep their people safe. For example, they should provide shelter to the people who lost their home due to extreme weather events. They should also provide emergency healthcare to the injured. It might also be good if they send food to the affected people. The government should also be in charge of some preventative actions because if they do their best to prevent it, less people might be affected and the event might not have too much harm to their people. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think that global response might be better because if the world together reacts to a single problem, the action might make a huge impact.

To conclude, we should all do our best to prevent and react to extreme weather. If we all do our part, I believe fewer extreme weather events like the Australian wildfires, Hurricane Dorian, etc, will happen. If you want our future generations to be able to live in a safer and peaceful world, why not act now and help save the world!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    29 May 2020

    Very well-written!

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  • global-conversation.png centered_nectarine | Zaitoun Prep Girls School B | Occupied Paletinian Territory
    29 May 2020

    Right decision. I agree. I hope the leaders take the important issue and act in the interests of the people

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  • global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
    30 May 2020

    Our esteemed leaders of destiny.Today l want to talk about extreme weather over years,months,days,weeks and hours that have caused disaster .
    Let me start with hurricanes this are strong winds that cause alot of disaster l will give an example with a man in Haiti
    whose properties was destroyed and left homeless you are our leaders what will you do to prevent this extreme weather? I really felt sympathetic towards that man who was left with nothing. You are our leaders stand and help us we are just citizens who don't have enough power to stand and call different organizations for assistance
    We need you our leaders you gave us your word during the elections why not do it know .
    Action speaks louder than words
    Our leaders do what you promised to do to us .
    Many people are crying sleeping outside in the cold and they don't have anything.
    Australia wildfire which destroyed alot of properties there.
    We want to be leader's like you but be our role model. We want to stand infront and say Johnson Boris is our inspirat

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  • global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
    30 May 2020

    We want to stand infront and say Johnson Boris is our inspiration .
    Leaders of destiny

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  • global-conversation.png genuine_tornado | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 May 2020

    Strong speech !!
    I will also provide you with other measures to combat extreme weather.
    measures to reduce climate change and pollution, among which are:

    1- Reducing carbon emissions.

    2- Using modern engines for transportation that do not cause gases, such as electric cars and mass transportation.

    3- Encouraging the trend towards renewable energies such as sun and wind energy in transportation and energy production.

    4- Increasing vegetation because plants consume carbon and increase oxygen in the atmosphere.

    5- Converting carbon dioxide into rocks.

    6- Educating citizens about the dangers of climate change and integrating them in the plans devoted to combating climate change.

    7 - Filtering factory chimneys, such as passing factory smoke on pools of water with algae that use carbon and produce electricity, thus reducing the temperature increase in the atmosphere by half and preventing air pollution and emissions of harmful gases that increase climate change.

    8- Increasing the populated area and redistributing the population equally to reduce the population density through the creation of new cities enjoying an infrastructure and renewable energy.

    9- Recycling the waste properly and transferring it to the beneficial products.

    10- Carbon pricing (carbon price setting) for companies to pay for the carbon they release to the air.

    11- Ending fossil fuel subsidies with the low price of oil due to the Corona virus crisis, as this is a good opportunity to phase out fossil fuels.

    12- Reducing the consumption of animal products and consuming greater quantities of plant products due to the large emissions produced by the animal sector, especially cows. As for the vegetable sector, it supports increased vegetation to reduce carbon to increase oxygen in the atmosphere.

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