My speech to the UN 75 global conversation.

Hello ladies and gentlemen,I greet you with humble respect.My speech to the world leaders is that extreme weather is happening more frequently causing more damage.For example here in Kenya we have experienced floods .The flood occurred on April later this year.Thousands of families were displaced.Other families ended up losing their properties while others died from the encounter.Not only was this the impact but also a trail of destruction to buildings and crops.I would like to urge the government to take immediate action like giving health care to the injured ,sending an aid group to help the response and evacuating people from the affected area.These responses will reduce the impact.The world leaders should put barriers to combat these weather event from happening for example erecting preventatives so as to prevent these extreme weather event.They should provide money to help the responses.They should focus on both preventative and reactive action because it would be good to prevent an upcoming extreme weather event and on the other hand it would be good to react to an extreme weather event .so as to reduce the effect of further more damage.The government should accept global responses so as to allow countries to come up with ideas that might help to tackle the extreme weather event. And last but not least the government should allow everyone to come up with ideas that might help to out come the Extreme weather event.If all this is done the world could stand a chance to protect us and reduce the impact of extreme weather on planet Earth.

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