My speech to the seventy-fifth United Nations global coverage

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Extreme weather, such as the intensity of hurricanes and fires, occur in a specific region, which also includes sudden change in temperature, for example, a rise in temperatures, storms, or rain in other seasons, all of which are examples of extreme weather. My country, Palestine, has a mild climate and pleasant climate, and little is exposed to the weather. The extreme cruel, but this year in particular, unusually, Palestine went through some weather changes, where it witnessed a very high temperature, followed by rain and cold in the off-season, and this change was strange to us in our country.

In Palestine, in particular Gaza, a few months ago, a huge fire broke out in our Nuseirat camp, and this was due to the very high temperatures, which affected the gas pipelines in one of the bakeries. The victim of the fire is a large number of residents, as well as great material losses, but despite this tragedy, everyone has come to support and assistance from all other cities and governorates, despite the simple capabilities that these cities enjoy

We must think well how we can protect our societies in extreme weather by preparing for the effects of climate change by saving money and building better defenses and caring for the sewage system. Our government has an important role in facing extreme weather by spreading awareness among citizens and creating educational sessions to help citizens To face the weather and difficult conditions and to enter information about extreme weather and how we can protect ourselves from it in school curricula until the information reaches the largest number of people and governments can take more interest in the sewage system and an example of government interest that can benefit from clean solar energy in generating energy and benefit from it as much What is possible and the extent of the capabilities must be sought support and aid from other societies and global institutions that care and care about disasters and human lives

The earth was created for humans and it is the only place we can live in. It must be safe so that everyone can live safely and be able to preserve future generations.

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