My speech for the UN75 Global Conversation


Extreme weather is a natural disaster (storm, flood, tornado, etc.) that is rare in the area it occurs. Some weather extremes shift drastically from one to another, however they usually are unseasonal weather that may or may not be fatal, lasting over a period. In the UK, flash floods and heatwaves are most common weather extremes, in other countries, such as Italy and Brazil, experience extremes such as tornadoes. Whilst and aftermath can both be as bad as each other unless we boost our protection.

I think that to make our and other countries extreme weather barriers stronger, you could try and look out for: patterns in the weather, doing this and finding an event that isn’t in the usual pattern could e a small warning that weather extremes are on their way. To improve this tactic, research what happened before a weather extreme and compare it to whenever you think it might happen again. You could also research weather in nearby countries to see the aftermath and if it could have an impact on where you live. These are important to keep in mind as it helps prepare and be aware.

All of these were steps that you could follow, but what happens to our government? As well as taking the steps we would, the government should be working on taking preventative actions. I know that sometimes extreme weather can help certain situations and place positive effects, but it is safer to take precaution and people safety first. Governments can do this by supporting protection for a weather extreme they might be common with. For example, if your country suffered from tornadoes more than anything else, they would assist protection for tornadoes. This helps prevent the extreme weather when it does come around.

I hope that in the future, countries will have better resources, protection and awareness from extreme weather. It is best to do this now, because extreme weather gets worse the more toxic gases we put in the air, and some may just happen on their own, but weather extremes like heatwaves (extremely hot weather that is unusual to a place) can take place because of us. If we learn and focus on how to avoid extreme weather now, in the future we will be able to build on it and focus on many other things as well.

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By entertaining_strawberry

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