My Speech for the UN75 Global conversation

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Greetings resembling world leaders,

I am honorable_ meerkat and I am here to express my concerning speech about the horrendous, extreme international weather. Extreme weather is deadly, which you could call an environmental catastrophe. For example, a flood, a terrible natural disaster, which could destroy numerous infostructure and lives or a heatwave not only will it deliver scorching temperatures. It could have severe possibilities of wildfires. There even could be droughts.

Personally, I have not experienced intense weather, but I have experienced a small number of storms.

I believe these four responses are suitable for communities to combat any extreme weather occurrence:

  • support people more likely to be affected, such as people, who might lose their food because of this disaster, or they need shelter.
  • Support small business, productions companies and others to maintain them profitable.
  • Spend in life-saving equipment such as barriers and other defense systems.
  • invest in an initial warning procedure so you are prepared.

We should support those, who are most likely to be affected because they are humans like the rest of us and they are equal to us. We should provide food and essentials to them and offer shelter if they require. The governments should aid as well.

Governments should assist small businesses, production companies and other industries. We need them for fundamentals, such as food, water etc. Certainly, we are unable to survive without them. We should support them because look at the devastated farmer who lives in Haiti, whose crops have been destroyed after a powerful hurricane, that struck the country. Now all that effort he put into it is wasted as some crops take a stretched period to grow

Governments should also spend more in life saving equipment such as water barriers and other equipment. This will reduce the damage of the dangerous weather and will not disturb the individuals, who were supposed to be affected severely.

If we were to invest in a lifesaving alert procedure so the citizens can be equipped with the benefit of their government more quickly it would not be as worse as it was supposed to be. I state this because natural, hazardous weather can disrupt masses of people. hurricanes could obliterate heaps of land as of a result from the heavy rain and strong winds but if we had a warning system you would be alert the hurricane is approaching your way.

In my vision for the existence of the earth is to be a green, nature-friendly and an environmental planet. With clean and fresh water for weaker countries so they also can live enjoyable and healthy lives. I would also like to see more tall, green trees to help our nature to proceed without concerning deforestation. I would like to see beautiful, blue natural oceans with no plastic for any sea life to choke. Also, I would like to view no emissions of pollution as it is damaging for us and our environment. To discover a different resource for vehicles so there are not any releases of pollution. Likewise, we could encourage ourselves to cycle or walk more.

Undeniably, I cannot accomplish this by myself we need you. Humans. We require your aid and I am exceedingly convinced that we will achieve the desire of making our planet as clean as can be ,which is our home.

Thank You for reading,

Honorable _meerkat

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