My speech for Extreme weather

Ladies and gentlemen,

Extreme-weather includes unexpected, unusual, severe or unseasonal weather. They are happening more frequently all over the world. The last extreme-weather event that happened in the place I live was Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018. It was not an ordinary tropical cyclone. It had an extremely strong intensity and the duration was much longer than the normal ones. There was heavy rain, flooding and strong wind. Buildings were shaking, too. People who lived in Heng Fa Chuen were the group of people who felt the impact most. More than 60,000 collapsed trees were reported. The Hong Kong Government suspended schools for 2 days after the typhoon. The Government also provided shelter to people who can’t stay in their homes. The economic damage is 73 billion HKD and 458 people were injured. From this, I’ve found out that extreme-weather events are really affecting our daily lives.

I’ve found out that there are some abnormal things happening in my place. For example, lots of people were still wearing summer clothes in winter. However, 20 years ago, people were already wearing coats and jackets in November, so, we can imagine in 2040, we may be wearing T-shirts for the whole year and maybe the whole world may experience drought.

To help communities combat extreme weather, I think the best way is to save money to respond to a future weather disaster because extreme-weather will not disappear within a short period of time and money is a useful way to combat extreme-weather. Money can help to provide assistance to the injured people and to build shelter to people who need help. Also, to investigate why the event happened is also one of the best ways to combat extreme weather. Experience can help people to prevent this from happening again.

I think the governments from the world should cooperate together to find out the reasons why extreme-weather events happened. They should hold periodic meetings to report their findings. Also, they have to educate people by telling them things about extreme-weather events and preventative actions like if the country is in danger, how can they evacuate from the affected area, etc. After finding out the reasons, with the cooperation between countries and world leaders, regulations and laws could be implemented which can help to set the guidelines and rules to improve the situation.

I think the most possible reason leading to extreme weather is global warming. How can we prevent this from happening? Individuals can help too. We can lower carbon emissions like using less air-conditioner, eating local grown crops and eating less meat. Lastly, I hope extreme-weather events could get less and less serious in the future.

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