My feelings in typhoon and COVID19

Before typhoons, I always look at the weather report and see when it will arrive. After that, my family and I stick tape to our windows to prevent breaking. I was always nervous and scared when they arrive.

During typhoons, I couldn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned on my bed until midnight. The wind howled and rain shattered. Those sound made me scared and I couldn’t sleep.

Before coronavirus, I went to school everyday. I always dreamed of having a long long holiday so that I can play all day with no homework to do. “ I want sudden holidays!” I shouted to my parents every day when they came home. “There is no such thing.” they replied.

During this pandemic, I couldn’t go to school. Now I always dream of going to school and playing with friends and classmates. I also miss my teachers too! “When can I go to school? I want schools! ” I ask them every morning. “After Coronavirus, you will be able to go to school.” they said.


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