My extreme weather speech

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am here to give to you my speech concerning the extreme weather issues that are occurring worldwide, causing destruction in their wake. I feel that I need to express openly to all the world leaders how this can be brought to an end. For one thing, we can put these negative impacts to help us, rather than destroy our homes. Such as rainwater recycling, which is the process of collecting rainwater from a building’s roof or from any other surface. This rainwater then passes through a filter, which eliminates debris. This saved water can be pumped to places where it is needed; Or of Chicago’s smart-saving streets (This city has bike lanes and parking spaces made with special concrete that absorbs pollution. Walkways are made from recycled materials while the wind and sun power the streetlights. Now, the street uses 42% less energy than it did before and costs 21% less than building a normal road!) and any other process that reduces waste. Remember, this world does not belong to us, we belong to it.

Extreme-weather events are happening more frequently and the world needs to act fast to prevent the damage they cause. We need to unite as one and together halt this calamity. Every country has experienced a weather catastrophe at least once. Tell me, what did it feel like? Did it for example feel like it would never end? Or that you had lost everything that you had ever prized? Well, we need to stop this, for the next generation. For example, the Australian wildfire, in which an estimated 27 million hectares of land were destroyed, not to mention the 2,500 homes demolished, or 1.5 billion species burnt. I think that we should combat these patterns of extreme weather taking place globally by working in collaboration and slowly, step by step, end this series of unfortunate events once and for all.

The best responses are 1. Smart-saving streets 2. Water recycling 3. Cyclone protection (Building a warning system and strong protections such as covers and refuge in them limit the impact on people experiencing it. Nowadays, trees and shrubs are added to the coastlines. These defences help protect villagers and citizens alike from the dangers issuing from cyclones such as landslides and floods) 4. Flood defences (a system of flood walls, raised walkways and barriers, for better protection against flooding). 5. Seagrass planting (Seagrass absorbs carbon from the sea and is extremely beneficial for the environment). Even the smallest difference could change a great deal. Ways to plan ahead and prevent extreme weather could be to first, try to stop pollution. Pollution is the root to half our problems which are like leaves from the same root. If we tackle the root, we will be able to end the other problems. But, in the same way that the root of the plant helps the environment, we can use our problems to create answers.

I ask you, the government and citizens, to take these actions. Instead of of fussing about your problems, use them for greater reason! If you are suffering from climate change, why not stop the polluters and try and reason with them! If you are getting floods or landslides or hurricanes, I beg you, take immediate action and find a solution to it! We need to focus on both, our preventative and reactive thoughts in order to end this crisis. Leaders of the world, I inquire you to tell this world the reasons to act as one and resort the problems we are all facing for significant advantage.

My vision for the future is a world of peace and harmony in which most problems are solved. This will mean that the future of mankind rests on our shoulders. Therefore, it is absolutely obligatory and essential that we need to act for our future selves. Earth has cared inexplicably for us, now we need to care for Earth. We need to do this, whatever it might cost us. Thank you, and goodbye.

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