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Ladies and gentlemen,

Have you ever experienced extreme weather? What exactly is extreme weather?

Extreme weathers are unexpected, unseasonal and unusual weathers. They can affect a large area or a small one. I did experience some extreme weather before and I am going to talk about the most frightening,memorable typhoon I have ever experienced. It was the Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018. It affected a large area covering 260km/h. This typhoon blew for ten days and nights. There was heavy rain, storms, flooding and a very strong wind. People who live in houses near the sea flooded. The people lost all their things. The roads,cars,trees, everything were blown away or damaged causing deaths, missing people and injuries. All schools, markets and restaurants closed immediately. A lot of people bought food and different kinds of things to survive in this typhoon a few days before this typhoon happened. There are a lot of people in markets and supermarkets.

There must be some ways to prevent extreme weather. We need to provide shelters for people who lost their homes during the outbreak. We also need to save money so that we can respond to a future weather disaster. Those hurricanes, typhoons and floods are not predictable. We should invest in early storm warnings to make good preparations on different types of storms. There are a lot of good ways either in helping citizens or preventing the weather. Before some extreme weather that causes flooding, we should build flood defences. We do not need to build flood barriers if we do not have enough time, we can clear a blocked drain so that flood water can drain properly.

Our government should focus on both preventative or reactive actions. He/she should provide shelter, food and water to homeless people and those who lost their homes in the outbreak. After an extreme weather event like flooding, the government should build more systems to inform the weather to all citizens. If world leaders can, they should also give help to the country which is experiencing an extreme weather event like providing money. Local responses would be better because people might be suffering from the bad weather which needed help. If there are not enough hospitals or first aid, the government should call the international aid for help.The government has a big role in these extreme weather events. He/she should build systems to improve or prevent happening the lost in the future days.

I hope that all countries have systems to prevent and predict extreme weather events in the future. Those systems can inform citizens in advance. When people know that an extreme weather is coming, they would increase their alertness and will take action. Some countries are quite poor so they could not build these systems. The nearby rich countries should donate money and help the poor country to develop better. We should not look down on poor countries but we should lend a hand to them. Besides building systems in the country, we can also give more information to students on extreme weather through talks given by their teachers or some experts.

Thank you!

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