My experience with the wonderful program (BNC)

I am a student from an Arab country in the sense that I do not master the English language, but with this wonderful program I learned a lot of English and learned and we are going through a very difficult time (Corona epidemic), so I was able through the program to communicate with students from different countries while we are at home As if I was a tourist, traveled to that country, learned a lot about the harsh weather that occurs in different countries, and learned about other things as well.

And in every competition or session I was reading, I would have known something that I did not know like (extreme weather) before this program I did not know anything about extreme weather because I am in an Arab country where severe weather does not happen, but now I am completely ready if severe weather happens too, I learned about fires like Australian fires caused by high temperatures, droughts and wind speeds. Now I am ready if an accident like this occurs, so that I can deal with it, such as contacting firefighters to control fire and prevention, such as removing flammable materials ... I got to know the Corona virus, ways to prevent it, its causes and effects ... and I got to know many things. I really participated in a great project while I was at home in light of the Corona pandemic.

And I thank all the program officials who contacted us.

I hope to be in this the program next year.

Thank you

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