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Is it a problem? Yes it is! Why? Well because nowadays people working in most companies, package up orders and they sometimes put extra plastic and rapping which most of it can't be recycle! What do we do with all of it?? Well some of it ends up in the ocean and that hurts sea life and it takes a long time to disintegrate!!! Some people throw out of their car window and it sometimes land up in the middle of the road or it lands up in a bush on the side of road!! Some takes up to 10 years to disintergrate!! Most people don't take much care into the environment! Can't we just change the way we dispose all the rubbish? Something small can make a big difference! Some fast food places have changed their plastic straws to paper! When people used things as much as they think that they need they sometimes burn it and the burnt ashes bit orbits aruond the Earth's atmosphere and sometimes it can hurt animals really bad! And they sometimes get so hurt they start to die!!

By loyal_lobster❤️

sorry if this doesn't really fit the Issue!!

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