Let's stand up for our planet!

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Climate change affects all regions of the world. The polar ice caps are melting and the level of the oceans is rising. In some regions, extreme weather events and precipitation are becoming more frequent, while others are facing increasingly extreme heat waves and droughts.
Heavy precipitation and other extreme weather events are becoming more common. They can cause floods and affect water quality, but also reduce the availability of water resources in certain regions. Every year 150,000 people dead in Europe due to global warming

The Mediterranean basin is becoming increasingly dry, which makes it even more vulnerable to droughts and fires.

Also, Tunisia would suffer from an amplification of the erosion processes, would experience hotter summers, more frequent and stronger droughts coupled with intense rains. Warmer temperatures would dry out the soil and increase the salinity of water supplies.
And with a lot of melancholy I am so sad to bring a sad memory that many people have been between life and death because of the intense heat in Kairouan that has raged

has greatly inconvenienced the elderly and caused many cases of food poisoning.I scream inside of me. Nobody can hear me. Because nobody listens to all those people who have suffered and even saw death in a hospital . Gouvernements have their projects, their problems. No time to listen to others, and what could they do anyway? In this world, it's each man for himself

.In addition, the operating room of the surgical unit experienced water cuts during this heat wave period, the flow was often very low, which forced doctors to postpone several surgical operations. Imagine coming all the way to a Kairouan hospital then cancel your operation even if it's an emergency and that happened to many people why? Because of that citizen irresponsible who throws his garbage everywhere or these governments who don't care about others.

The last two weeks of June 2019 were very hard for the Kairouan people who had to endure heat peaks reaching 47 degrees with a lot of humidity and sirocco blows. And it is especially the elderly, as well as the schoolchildren who had contest have suffered from this summer which started with a storm. But then, when you hear kairouan is a land full of joy and love? You talk about joy and love, war, hatred, murders and suicides, governments who don't care, great ...
This heat stroke also caused the death of several animals

So when are the governments going to react? After our death! We must take the time to think about solutions for global warming or even other extreme weather events   we must react now even if it is too late we must protect our earth from pollution otherwise man and animals and plants are in trouble aren't you afraid of the idea of losing your loved ones because of global warming, heat waves, storm, drought, floods...
so let's stop talking and start acting better.

You're even a little responsible for pollution so you should fix your mistake, we should fix our mistakes, let's stop this nonsense talking and start fixing things by cleaning, preventing doing awareness campaigns, there are many ways many solutions we are lucky to live in such a moderate planet and have many technologies that can help us so you must stand up for our planet, we must stand up for our planet to a better future

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    20 May 2020

    A powerfully written final piece, awesome_nature. What demands do you think you might need to compromise on, if world leaders cannot do exactly as you wish?

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  • global-conversation.png awesome_nature | School College Pilote Sousse | Tunisia
    20 May 2020

    The most important thing for me is the awareness of people, they understood through this site or people's speeches, they knew the importance of the environment and through what we've seen from extreme weather events happening like the fires that happened in Australia November 2019 or the hurricane of Katrina 2005 or Sri Lanka Floods People knew that we must preserve nature and my goal is not that world leaders notice that or help us or do what we wish but my goal is changing mentality with the help of the governments or without it

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    1. global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
      awesome_nature's comment 24 May 2020

      I agree with you awesome_nature's the current laws require country governments to prepare physical plans to guide physical Developments and settlements in their respective countries.but once they don't do as we wish as the citizens will definetly vote them out .We are citizens and our vote goes to the right leader let's say impeachment of the country or states head who don't help the citizens we have a freedom of speech to remove all the leaders who don't want to work and fulfill their manifestos or their agendas.
      Creating awareness as mentioned by awesome _nature's to create that importance to people with or without World leaders.
      We must preserve nature if we stand together as strong citizens

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