Less traffic means better air quality

Less traffic means better air quality, but it is not the only factor in the climate equation.

Smoke receded in the sky of China, the channels of water became pure in Venice, and the air quality became better in parts of Switzerland.

What is the role of measures to combat the emerging virus in this?

Can the climate benefit from it in the long run?

Could the effect of staying at home be worse on the climate?

Aerosol levels may actually rise if people stay in their homes, people want to rest on difficult days, so they may light wood stoves, and this creates more emissions.

In addition , there was an influx of desert dust, which blew over Switzerland in late March.

These particles, aside from lower temperatures and a lack of wind, can lead to more clouds as well as pollution in the air.

Climate blessing?

Some optimists hope that the Covid-19 epidemic, after controlling it, under decline in production and land and air traffic. For example, the "Green Peace" organization in Switzerland launched a request for economic aid related to the emerging virus to move towards a new Swiss green deal.

Hoglin and Eminiger said that they are worried that it will take longer than desirable . The current situation may help accelerate work in areas that often have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, the epidemic has pushed the issue of global warming to a low position on the list of priorities of many decision makers.

Do you think that the Corona epidemic will affect the climate negatively or positively? And why do you think that?

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