Is this the end?

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As you probably know us people have a lot on our shoulders to deal with. We have covid 19, riots in places such as Hong Kong (the BNC actually did an issue on this if you want to find out more) and now we have the weather to deal with! Could this really be the thing that wipes us from the surface of the earth?

Everybody knows about the dinosaurs. Big lumbering brutes who got wiped out by an asteroid a couple of million years ago. But could we to suffer a similar fate? If you pay attention to the news you'll that right now things are not going well. There are the extreme disasters destroying millions of homes all over the world, riots that could actually turn into full blown wars and the Coronavirus spreading all over the place all of this together could actually result in the end of humanity and there are number of different reasons on how we could get wiped out.

#1 The Coronavirus could become so serious that it mutates into something a lot deadlier resulting in an incurable virus epidemic

#2 global warming could entirely melt the ice caps causing the extinction not only of everything that lives there but floods so bad that it at the least destroys a few countries

#3 the riots, like I said could turn into wars and if other countries get pulled in could start a nuclear WWIII

#4 the amount of sewage we pump into the oceans could result in serious sickness and the extinction of most marine life

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