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I think that they are both a bad thing. Corona virus has spread all over the world and no one can stop it no matter what they do. Climate change is a whole new problem as we keep cutting down trees. for example, think of a bird that has layed an egg in its nest, then we come and cut that tree down which means that they have lost their home. Think about the pandas who eat bamboo and live on bamboo, we cut them down to make paper but are making a huge problem as they lose their food and home. Our safer option is to use white boards as it is re-useable, but unfortunately, they are far from being safe.

There are many more facts about climate change, which leads to animal extinction, or some even worse. Mainly the hot weather which can melt the ice and make it turn to water. Then the water will spread all over the countries and cause many deaths of drowning. By climate change, animals and humans can get affected, so we need to be careful as it is up to our actions. The corona virus has caused deaths too, in fact everywhere around the world.

At first I thought that they were both bad, and I still think that and we need to worry about the corona virus as it is causing more damage at the moment. At the same time we need to focus more about climate change too. So my final answer is both as they are both terribly important issues that need to be dealt with.

Thankyou for reading, Generous_seagull.

Saty safe!

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