How the weather changed because of the pollution ?

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The pollution would have effects on the week's weather. In Spain, weekends are often sunnier than the rest of the week: the fault of factories that operate all week.

For 44 years, Spanish researchers, at the origin of this study, have analyzed the data recorded by stations displayed in different areas. From the information collected, it appears that the temperatures are higher and the sky less cloudy on weekends than on weekdays. Or, polluting factories stop operating on weekends.

Human activity releases very fine particles, called aerosols, into the atmosphere. These particles favored the formation of clouds in the sky and therefore rain. This phenomenon has also been observed in other regions of the world such as the United States or Germany. On the other hand, nothing was observed in China: in this country, the factories worked every day of the week. In countries of Muslim religion, pollution decreases on Friday, day of rest.

Finally let's make our environment beautiful!!!

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