How should vulnerable people protected during wildfires?

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Wildfire pollution can be harmful to those with respiratory conditions,but there is little advice on how to keep safe during these events.

In some cities affected, smokes from fire that had been raging kilometres away for sometime had caused the quality of air to plummet.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) is a common condition -it is the third leading global cause of death.And people with respiratory conditions such as COPD are some of the most vulnurable to particulate matter from air pollution and wildfire.Data from previous Australian bush fires, as well as wildfire in California, Colorado and North Carolina, show that people who have COPD visit the emergency department more frequently than usual during these events.Yet physicians don't have evidence they need to tell these vulnurable people what to do to protect their health. And researchers don't know what the effect of this exposure will be for everybody in the long term.Data suggest that long-term exposure to air pollution leads to faster lung-function decline even in people with other wise healthy lungs.

Wildfires are not good news for people with COPD or other Respiratory problems.

my question is How can vulnerable people with COPD or other Respiratory challenges be protected or better still, how can they be managed during outbreak of wildfire?

And how can the adverse long-term effect of lung-function decline be prevented by people with healthy lungs?

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