How COVID-19 Interferes With Weather Forecast and Climate Research

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As scientist are forced to stay at home and stay safe amid the covid-19 pandemic,crucial weather and climate data aren't being collected.

In early April,the United Nations World Meteorological Organisation raised concern about the COVID -19 pandemic effect on weather forecasting and climate change research. Commercial flights take measurements as they soar through the skies, and scientist normally hitched rides on container ships so they could track conditions over the oceans.

Wth flight grounded and scientists kept off the ship, weather forecasts are being made with less data usual. Climate research is taking a hit as well, as researchers must stay home instead of conduct planned fieldwork.

As climate and ecological mornitoring projects go dark, data that stretch back for decades will soon contain coronavirus-accosiated gaps.

Is there anyway climate research and forecasting can mend these gaps? Are there more ways weather projects can still be done during this period or are we going to be left less information about our environmental climate?

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