Health care from different sides of the world.

We have all been stuck at home in quarantine but certain key workers ranging from bin men to nurses have been keeping this country and the world functioning. I have emailed questions to two nurses from different sides of the world to see the difference between health care in Australia and Britain.

Jacqui Maguire is a Registered Sick Children's Nurse from Perth and Sarah Addison who works in the John Radcliff in Oxford both work in a children’s ward but are still dealing directly with COVID-19 patients. Both recommend that you stay at home and only go out if you think it is absolutely necessary and to wash your hands for twenty seconds. “In Perth we do not have enough items to deal with the COVID-19.” “Some of the equipment we need include N95 masks which are recommended for treating somebody who has the coronavirus.” If somebody has got the symptoms of the coronavirus, they have to use surgical masks in till they have been confirmed positive for coronavirus. The problem with surgical masks is that they don’t offer the same protection that N95 masks do and they are often ineffective against the coronavirus In Oxford there is enough equipment to deal with the coronavirus. Sarah says that the way to help safeguard the health care system in England is for the government to adequately fund the NHS and for private companies to not get involved. In both countries it takes more manpower for each patient and are having to do longer shifts and swap from ward to ward.

Also, some places are doing thinks to boost the morale of these people like clapping every Thursday and other things like that, so I encourage you to help these key workers.

Thank you for reading.

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