Global warming

Extreme Weather Featured Image 4

Global Warming, as demonstrated in this picture, is VERY bad.

Some people think 'why bother' with global warming, as it'll go away, but trust me, it won't, so, act fast, recycle things and help clean beaches, and turn lights off, and stop deforestation.

Forest fires are also a huge known issue, in Australia they happen most of the time, also taking away oxygen, which we need to live, so:


In this picture, houses and workplaces are engulffed in water, so thousands of people are left homeless, do YOU want that, to have nowhere to live, to sleep in a shared canoe, or to sleep on the roof of a flooded house? I'm not sure you do, but I for one, 100% don't, so think, before you throw rubbish on the floor, because that one piece could be the one that changes our lives. #alwaysrecycle

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