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Flooding is one of the extreme weather conditions in the Upper East Region of Ghana which occurs during the month of August. During this period , there is always heavy down pour which can last for 2 to 3 days. This down poor is coupled with the rains in Burkina Faso which the Upper East share common boundaries with. Burkina Faso has the Bagri Dam which normally spills off its banks and enters the Upper East Region of Ghana, specifically the town of Bawku and its surrounding villages and also Bolgatanga and Navrongo resulting in loss of lives and destruction of properties such as farmlands, buildings just to a few.

The Tono dam in Navrongo in the said region during this period is not safe for fishermen to carry out their fishing activties .The Bagri Dam in Burkina Faso which brings about flooding claims lives and sometimes the lifeless bodies are found in the Tono Dam in Ghana.

During this time,the President of Ghana together with National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) offers assistance to the victims of this situation in the form of food and other basic needs.

My advice is that people living in those areas do not go areas prone to flood during those periods and also buildings should not be constructed in such areas to reduce the seriousness of the floods.

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